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Links for Parents

An excellent parenting website with numerous links to many of the top parenting websites, articles, and resources. Take a look!

This site provides articles, on and off-line games, fun kid activities, safety tips, and deciphers commonly used lingo (acronyms) used in instant messenger, text messaging and chat rooms.

Wired Safety provides Internet safety information for children, teens, and adults.  The website also has an important resource for parents – a downloadable translator for cyber-lingo and acronyms used by teens.

Cyberbullying, Internet safety information, and safety resources for parents are available at this site.

This site contains Cyberbullying and Internet safety articles and information for parents.

Created by the Kansas Attorney General’s Cyber Crime Unit, this site provides valuable online safety tips for kids, teens and parents.

Provides relevant Cyberbullying prevention and Internet safety information for parents, teachers and police officers, as well as children and youth.

Includes information for adults regarding Cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying.  The site also offers information for children ages 10 to 12 regarding bullying.

Provides valuable information on careers for kids.