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Educational Websites

This site is a student journal and porfolio.  There will be login directions.  This site will be used throughout the year.

This is a class customized site to practice reading comprehension and fluency.  Type in "jhachen" in the Teacher field, and click on your student name.

A great resoource for children’s books.  You will need to create an account.

A reading comprehension resource that focuses on various reading strategies.

A good way to practice math and language arts.  This link goes to the second grade site.

This site will help students study spelling words and vocabulary.

This site is good for reading and math practice.

Great to practice skills in various subjects.

Provides access to student resource book and games to review Math skills.  Students will have logins.

This site is for reviewing math skills.  There will be login directions.

This is a great site to practice math fact fluency.

A fun game to review digital and analog time.

This site has information about Pilgrim life in Social Studies

Observe a virtual owl pellet dissection - this is a project our class will do later in the school year.

This site goes over all the steps to dissect a Cow's eye for a future science project.

An online animal encyclopedia which can be used for animal research projects. 

Safe search engine for kids powered by Google.